Excellence is a state of mind. It begins with desire to become better and the dedication to stay one’s course on the journey of constant growth. At ERSC, we believe excellence is the result of discipline, integrity, team work, resilience and perseverance. We strive to create players who are trailblazing critical thinkers, role models and leaders on and off the court.

Our training program is based on the performance pathways we have created for our players. Whether you are training to improve your badminton skills or aiming to be the next national champion, our performance pathway will let you know which classes to take and the ideal training frequency to achieve your goals faster.




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U12 Beginner/Coordination Class (1.5 Hours)
This class is intended for players with none or very limited experience playing badminton. Players will learn how the shuttle flies and develop hand-eye coordination skills necessary to make contact with the shuttle.
Teen Fundamentals (1.5 Hours)
The focus of this class is to develop strong fundamental skills such as the proper grip, ready stance, overhead swing, basic shots and court movement.
Fundamentals II (2 Hours)
This class is the second phase of Teen Fundamentals. Players in this class have learned all of the skills but need more intensive practice and repetition to develop the form and consistency needed to advance to Intermediate.
Intermediate (2-3 Hours)
Players in this class are expected to have proficient fundamental skills and be able to rally. They will learn advanced footwork and skills such as crosscourt shots, slices and spinning net shots.
ERSC Advanced/Junior B Team (2-3 Hours)
At this point, athletes should have learned all of the skills including deception. Sessions will focus on change of pace, defense-offensive transition and mental focus.
ERSC Provincial Team (3 Hours)
ESRC Provincial Team members are expected to train at least 4 times a week with the intention to compete in provincial level tournaments.
ERSC National Team (3 Hours)
ERSC National Team members are expected to train at least 5 times a week with the intention to compete in national level tournaments.


If you are looking to learn a new skill or refine an existing skill, then private lessons are the way to go. The skills learned and refined in private lessons are customized to a student‘s progress. It is recommended to train at least twice a week (1 private + 1 group/2 privates/2 groups) for quicker progress.  


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